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07 March 2022

I have written and deleted the start of this post more times than I care to admit this morning. It’s hard to encapsulate how I feel when the news that Rhys passed away is still so fresh.

I feel numb.

I posted to Twitter this morning with a photo of Rhys I took at the top of Grouse Mountain in Vancouver. He has been visiting us in our family home after spending a week at an IETF meeting downtown.

I made him hike his socks off on the North Shore with a trip around Lynn Creek and Lynn Valley/Mountain Highway, but rewarded him with a solid Canadian brunch. We followed that up with hiking the Grouse Grind and I think it’s fair to say I ruined his knees that day. The photo was taken just before our server brought out a couple of bottles of ice-cold beer that he used as a salve on his joints.

The kids loved having him around. He was always such easy company and great fun to be around. We are so much poorer for losing him.