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07 March 2022

I have written and deleted the start of this post more times than I care to admit this morning. It’s hard to encapsulate how I feel when the news that Rhys passed away is still so fresh.

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Winter Camp - 2022 Edition

02 February 2022

Last weekend saw us out at Water Valley towards the foothills for our annual Winter Camp. Of course, being as Albertan weather tends to be winter when it feels like it, it was actually colder back in our November ‘Fall’ camp than we experienced just. No problem though. -16C overnight was cool enough to warrant the ‘winter’ experience and sufficiently warm enough not to impact us from having to retain social separation and all that goes along with remaining on the science-side of managing our response to COVID.

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Back to the Future

01 February 2022

I’ve decided to resurrect the site after a fairly lengthy hiatus. I can’t even remember when the old Wordpress blog went by the wayside, but it’s quite some time ago. *I just checked, it’s been a few years according to the ol’ reliable of

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